The True Price Point for Granite Countertops

The True Price Point for Granite Countertops

August 14, 2019

If you’re in the market for new countertops, you may be wondering how much it would cost to install quality granite in Madison, WI in your kitchen or bathrooms. Unfortunately, there’s no hard-and-fast rule that you can use to determine how much granite countertops will cost. There are a number of factors and variables that will ultimately determine how much you can expect to spend when installing granite countertops in your home.

The quality, color and cut of the slab that you want to install in your home will ultimately be used to determine the total cost of purchasing granite countertops for your kitchen or bathroom. The prices of granite can vary widely depending on several factors.

When searching for granite to use in your home, it’s important to work with a trusted granite supplier that will walk you through the benefits and drawbacks of certain slabs. Rather than looking for a slab based on price, you should always search for granite that more specifically meets your needs.

Here are just some of the factors that may impact granite cost in Madison, WI:

  • Size of the slab: Whether or not you actually end up using it, you’ll likely be charged for an entire slab of granite. This is because granite is naturally occurring, which makes it difficult to successfully mix and match slabs. Try to identify a slab that’s close to the size of your actual needs when working with your granite supplier.
  • Availability: Some types of granite may not be as readily available as others. If you’re looking for a very specific type of granite to use for the countertops in your home, you may have to pay a premium for it. Be sure to consider the cost of granite in Madison, WI when determining which type you want.
  • Semi-precious gems: If there are semi-precious gems or stones inside your granite slab, this could significantly elevate its value. While this can be a great long-term investment, it’s important to know that you will have to pay a higher price at the outset.
  • Color: The color of granite is determined by the presence of mineral concentrations in the stone. Some granite colors occur more rarely than others, which makes them significantly more valuable and expensive.
  • Source: Granite is naturally mined, which means that it’s quite a bit harder to extract some types of granite than others. If you’re looking for granite from a specific quarry, you should be aware of the fact that the source of your granite may make it significantly more expensive.

Since 2007, K2 Graniteworks has been the premier provider of quality granite in Madison, WI. If you’re looking for a trusted provider to help you find dependable, attractive granite for use in your home, reach out to one of our friendly representatives today. We’d be happy to help you find granite that meets your specific needs. We can also walk you through the process of identifying the most accurate granite cost in Madison, WI. Get in touch to learn more!

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